What can I say?

David has little to do with the David Forgets series, besides being the title star. Does that count? This pointy haired wonder has an extreme passion for beer, self-satisfaction, and bothering Chase. Nobody is quite sure where David goes during the day (where do you go to buy pinwheels and shotgun ammo anyway?) or how he earns his money. Also nobody cares.

When little Davie Sapp isn't forgetting to wipe he can sometimes be found lending his voice to animated Cyanide and Happiness shorts.

Recent Awards:

  • World's Greatest Grandpa (Self-entitled)
  • Most "Stuck in hole" Related Appearances on Channel 6 News
  • #1 on the "WILL NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FROM THE FOLLOWING" list at Peter Piper's

Chase is large and pissed off. David is the reason.

Long ago Chase was a peaceful boy. Stomping in puddles and enjoying the pleasures of a windy day, nothing could stop little Chase's friendly nature. Chase even got an A+ in the Attitude column on his second grade report card, top that shit! Fifteen years later Chase moved in with David and now suffers from rage strokes.

In his long recovery stints in the hospital, Chase spends his time animating for the likes of Explosm's Cyanide and Happiness shorts. He also spends a lot of time animating with the big boss, Mike "Mike" Parker (usually for College Humor).

Things Chase can't believe:

  • That whole thing he ate.
  • That stuff that tasted like butter but then wasn't.

A loose cannon cop on the edge, Stacey is determined to wipe the streets free of crime and isn't afraid to bend the rules to get the job done. After years of playing it straight she was forced to resign when she slapped the pope in the face and refused to apologize. Now a bounty hunter, Stacey can be found butting heads with longtime rival Dog when she isn't busting open tweaker skulls.

Also, she's a pretty girl that made all these delightful graphics you see on this site!

Favorite Leisure Activities:

  • Petting Kitties
  • Picking Out a New Outfit
  • Killing Criminal Scum

Assembled in 1997, M.I.K.E.Y. V.6.2's original copper shell remains 78% in tact. Unusual for an autonomoton of his era (MIKEY was shelved for over 8 years when he displayed a blue screen of death during a quake match), MIKEY was dusted off and reformatted with Windows 7. Now he almost works again!

While originally his MAIN INITIATIVE to KILL EVERY YELLOWJACKET was thought to be useless, Chase found him to be quite helpful when picnicking by that tree with those scary bees. Also he programs a pretty decent website!

Incapable of:

  • Love
  • Running minesweeper without crashing

Little is known about the space man. I mean, he's a man from space but that's obvious. I'm talking more like background information. For example, is he human? What does he look like under that helmet? Where did he come from? ...right, space.

As of yet Spaceman's relationship to David and Chase is unclear, though there are some trust issues between ol' Spacey and the David. It's rumored that Spaceman once took David's last beer many years ago and was never forgiven. Spaceman denies the whole thing... Frankly I'm sick of hearing about it.

Typically Found In:

  • Space
  • Brothels
  • Space Brothels
For Realsies

David Forgets is a web show that started as a one note joke but ended up becoming very special to us. What was once 25 second videos of David forgetting simple things (like how to shave or brush his teeth) became the story of a beer drinking man-child and the best friend who hates him.

A new season was expected to start sooner or later, but it was 2 years before David Forgets returned to the internet. BUT that would never have been possible if it weren't for the over $400 donated by our amazing fans to get a new camera. Many projects have come and gone, but David Forgets sticks with us. We think it's something special and we'd like to show you why.

To sum up, we're just a couple of dumb guys who spend our own money to try to make you laugh. Huh, sounds kind of pathetic when you put it like that...


Help us get that stupid wig we've been eyeing!